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Mother's Day Brunch

a bowl of food on a plate

May 8, 2022


QUESO FLAMEADO - charred brisket, onion, chilaca pepper, mushroom, Chihuahua cheese, flour tortillas  

CAMPECHANITA ESTILO D.F. - shrimp, oysters, octopus, tomato, cucumber, avocado, onion, jalapeño, orange Fanta

FLOR DE CALABAZA RELLENAS - squash blossom, goat cheese, squash, corn 

GORDITAS - pork carnitas-stuffed masa pancakes, chicharron, refried black beans, salsa verde

GARNACHA DE CAMOTE - oval sweet potato masa boat filled with sweet potato 

TAQUITOS - crispy chicken tacos, salsa verde, crema, queso fresco 


CHILAQUILES -  totopos and chicken bathed in salsa de tomatillo, topped with sunny-side-up egg, crema, queso fresco

HUARACHE - large masa cake shaped like a shoe, carnitas, rajas, refried black beans, salsa verde, crema, queso fresco, sunny-side-up egg 

MEMELA CON HUEVOS - toasted masa pancake, squash, corn, rajas, sunny-side-up egg, salsa albañil 

HUEVOS RANCHEROS - toasted corn tortillas, brisket, refried black beans, salsa costeña, sunny-side-up eggs, avocado, cotija cheese 

TACOS DE PESCADO - battered fish, refried black beans, chipotle aioli, napa cabbage, corn tortillas 

ARRACHERA - wood-grilled Black Angus skirt steak, tamal de frijol, Mexican rice, salsa verde, tortillas 

CAMARONES A LA DIABLA - spicy shrimp in adobo, white rice, Mexican squash, avocado 


$45 per person and $15 per child plus beverage, tax and gratuity

Call for reservations 713-726-8273